Week 2: Days Of Our Lives meets Wall Street

When you start to pay attention to the stock market, it becomes like a daily soap opera. It’s quite fascinating to watch some of the major headlines and see stocks fluctuate because of one CEO’s latest tweet or which stocks the trade war is or isn’t effecting now. With all that noise and drama, I can see how people make rash emotional decisions in their investments. It’s hard to stick to the numbers when people are flying off the handle all around you.

As for me, this week I took that Sapporo’s worth of earning and turned into into a premium sushi roll. While I didn’t add to any of my positions, it was a nice feeling to see everything creep up on their own and create gains doubling what I saw last week.

I have a few stocks on my radar and while some of them are starting to head towards the prices I’ve set out to buy, they haven’t quite hit yet. I’m using all of my willpower to not talk myself into why I shouldn’t wait it out.

My stock commentary is probably silly to seasoned investors, but who I’m hoping to speak to here are newbies. I want to show people that you can start to invest even if you don’t have a whole lot of cash on hand. So far, I’ve only invested under $1,000. And to see returns of over $15 in two week makes me pretty happy. Sure, I haven’t quite covered those pesky trading fees yet (I’m also considering the sell fee before I see myself in the green), I see progress. When’s the last time you earned $15 on your $1,000 sitting in your bank?! I definitely see the potential here and I’m excited to continue the journey.

And if you don’t have the time or desire to watch the stock market regularly, there are still a ton of ways to invest your extra cash too, and it can all be done with an app download or a few clicks on the computer. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone needed an advisor to do the work for them. Now there are so many platforms, from robo-investor apps, to self managed websites. It’s really pretty rad.

What I’m looking forward to this week? I hate to plug a particular product here, but I’m actually really excited for Chase’s new trading platform. I can’t wait to see if it’s all I’m hoping for or what the catch will be. This could be a game changer for newbie investors like me, making a seamless way to invest straight from your mobile banking app – and without the commissions?! Yes, please. More to come on that next week after I see its unveiling.

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