Week 3: Doubt creeps in

The funny thing about the stock market is, I can find articles and theories to support a fleeting feeling I have at any given time.

This can help confirm thoughts I already had, or conversely lead to severe doubt and complete paralysis.

Aside from articles, there are investors just like me commenting all sorts of directions on platforms like StockTwits. Anymore, I try not to believe anything I see written in these forums as it really feels like people are just shouting out in attempts to manipulate other investors into a desired direction.

So much doubt in these headlines!

The best takeaway from all of this has been to try not to jump to conclusions or get emotional in my decisions and stick to a plan based upon what the numbers are showing. I have particular prices in mind when I want to make purchases, so now my goal is to filter out the noise and stick to the plan.

Sure, a bear market could hit us next week and crash all of what we’ve been building, but that’s not much of a reason to stay out of the game entirely is it? Is it?

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