Reaching your audience

There are many ways that you can tap into the audience for your business. It’s vital to connect with your audience in different ways to help extend the reach of your business.

Here are just a few ways that you can start making those connections.

Social media

Attract new clients by casting a wide net.

Keep in mind, social media is ever evolving, so it’s important to convert your social media followers into you own email list subscribers so you can continue to reach them even when the platform loses steam.


In my industry, its so crazy to me how many artists I see who don’t actively work to build their mailings lists. Mailing lists are the perfect way to reach your target demographic in an ongoing basis. When someone signs up for your mailing list, you know they’re interested in you. This is a great way to announce where you’ll be next, when you’re running a sale, when you have a new product… and all directly to the people who have expressed interest in you.


While social media and emails will constantly update, your website will remain a constant place that someone can find information on your business. It’s important to have your own slice of pie on the interweb where you have the control of content.

In person

Personalizing your business by putting a face to the name.

Meet ups. Meet ups can be a great way to learn and also make connections in your industry.

Events. Attend events in your field and meet others who are interested in the same things as you.

Get involved in your community. You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities might be right in front of you. Getting involved in local community events is a great way to get the ball rolling.


From my days in politics, I always think about the importance of name recognition. It takes the average person 3 times of seeing a name before it’s recognized. Same concept with business. The more places people see your name, the more likely they are to not only remember it, but take an interest. It can be in your best interest to take up a variety of advertising options. Print, web banners, email blasts, billboards, street banners… the options are limitless.