Earn points with your credit card

This is for those who don’t have credit card debt and are looking to make the most of your average expenses.

Make sure you’re ready to pay off your balance continually and keep it paid off before embarking on this journey.

After you’ve committed to that, the rest is simple.

Choices. Choices. Choices.

There are cards geared towards many different lifestyles. Find one that suits you best and is geared towards your interests and spending habits.

My favorite is a card that gives extra points for dining out and travel related expenses, and also gives greater rewards when points are spent on travel.

Recently, I was able to leverage my points saved in under a year for two plane tickets and hotel rooms for 8 nights in Spain.

Use your credit card for EVERYTHING

Most of your everyday expenses can be paid with credit. In fact, I’ve never carried a debit card in my wallet and don’t really see the necessity for it at all.

Set up your bills to be paid with your credit card, pay for groceries, gas, and all of your other bills with the card. You have to pay for these things anyway so you may as well get something for them.

Keep your balance at zero

A word of caution, when doing this make sure that you’re regularly making reciprocal payments to your credit card to keep the balance paid off. It’s really imperative that you keep this card as an asset for yourself and don’t turn it into a huge trench of debt. One month of interest can wipe away months of point earning.

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