Keeping Your Business In Focus

Eddard Stark


As your business develops, you’ll find many opportunities along the road.  Some sound intriguing, others perhaps a waste of time and energy.

First, when you are presented with a new business opportunity, my general rule of thumb is that you should always investigate and learn more.  In as much as one phone call, you can establish a new relationship and even if the opportunity doesn’t work for you now, your new contact may become a vital contact in the future – and you just never know.

However, It’s important to not let these side-opportunities distract you from the true goals in your business.  Remember what your business is all about and before taking on something new, make sure that it aligns with your overall mission and goals.  It’s easy to take a side-step with your business and if you’re still figuring out your niche, this can lead to great opportunity.  But, if you’ve already discovered that, it’s important not to stray too far from your already outlined mission and goals.

Quick Guide: 

How does this opportunity grow my business?

Does it benefit my business financially?

Does it align with my mission?  In what ways?

Will I be able to take this on as an added project, or will it replace something already in existence?

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