Pivoting in a pandemic

It’s crazy when the whole world suddenly flips upside-down and threatens health and livelihoods of people – literally everywhere.  After some initial shock and denial wears off, it’s time to pivot your business if you want to remain a business at all on the other side of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

Evaluate and expand your digital focus

With many companies moving to digital means for communicating with clients, now is an important time to not be left behind. Make sure you can utilize digital tools in your industry.  

That could mean something as simple as updating your website to acknowledge the pandemic and what your business is doing in the midst of it.  Even just a simple note on your homepage and reassure customers that you are both aware (I mean, of course you are… but still), and are still operational.

It’s also time to make sure your social media accounts have up to date information on how your business is operating amidst the pandemic.  I know I personally have checked on many of my favorite local businesses social media accounts to get an idea of if they’re still open, and how they are operating.  Customers want an easy way to find out that information without having to call or drive by your business.

Notify your mailing list and keep them aware of your business and what you’re up to.  This will help you stay in the back of your customer’s minds.  

Beyond your channels that you have already in place, it’s also important to think outside the box and decide on ways that you can keep interacting with your customer base, even if it’s not in person.  

Here are just a few ideas that you could explore:

  • Go live on Instagram / Facebook as a way to interact directly with your audience
  • Set up a special Zoom meeting for your clients to attend
  • Beef up your online presence
    • Keep your instagram / facebook alive with stories and posts
    • Start / update your business’s Pinterest account

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You’ve likely built up some sort of loyal customer / client base over the years.  Now’s the time to reach out and honestly ask for support.  You’d be surprised how generous people can be, and how many people are looking for a way they can help you, so make sure you give them a clear means to do so. 

Find support

Many areas have not only city sponsored support, local organizations dedicated to helping out during disasters. Read the articles, attend the zoom meetings, and ask the questions. Now is a time to lean on the professionals you’ve surrounded yourself with. Get advice from your accountant, your business banker, your other small business friends, ect.  

We’re all in this together.

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