3 Tips On Maintaining Focus

With the onset of 2020, more and more people have found themselves working from home.  It’s been a trial by fire in many ways, with many struggling to balance work and home life in one place.  

Maintaining focus is imperative.

1) Create a to do list

I find a physical list you write each morning can really make a difference on focus.  Write down what you want to accomplish that day / week.  As you make progress, cross out what you’ve gone through and once your list becomes messy with all of your activity — rewrite it, just with the stuff you haven’t gotten to yet.  Keeping that list nearby can help your focus when you get to lulls in the day.

2) Calendar for the bigger picture

Mark deadlines / important dates on either a physical or your iCal / Google calendar.  I personally love iCal for this.  You can note deadlines that are recurring, and your calendar will automatically populate them every time, so you can really stay organized and prepared.  Bonus – you can sync it to all of your devices too!

Each day when you create your “to do list”, take a brief visit to your calendar and preview the week ahead – look out for any big deadlines looming.

3) Know your highest productivity time

Find the time that you are the most productive and use that to tackle your most difficult / important daily tasks.  Is it in the morning?  Evening?  This could vary based on the schedule and type of business.

 “Focus on doing the right things instead of a bunch of things.” – Mike Krieger

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