Week 5

Being on vacation on the east coast meant watching the market at an entirely different time of day that I’m used to. Who knew I would prefer the 6:30am opening bell I’m used to in Los Angeles. It’s much more fun to watch daily activity in the market before I’m officially ready for the day. It makes for much better “hobby” timing.

After all that concern last week that Elon Musk caused with his pot smoking and whiskey drinking… the stock is back to just $4 shy of my purchase price. I’m hopeful that next week it’ll be back in the green officially.

Aside from the roller coaster that is Tesla, I made a bit of a more conservative move this week, only adding to VOO, an ETF I already owned, that has since gone down a bit recently. That lowered my total cost basis and now my investment in VOO is looking pretty decent.

For a newbie like me, I think ETFs are a great way to get your feet wet in the market with so much less risk than individual stock purchases. So far, my ETFs that I own are all consistently gaining, though very modestly.

Everyone says bonds are boring. Maybe I’m just easily amused, but this week was a great time to see my bond fund pay out its first dividend.

All of this is exciting and new to me right now, so everything that happens is interesting, even if it’s just a tiny market move.

At five weeks into my investing, I think one of the best takeaways has been how much more in tune I am with world events. Watching the stock market requires a certain amount of attention to these things, as every piece of news can cause fluctuations in stock prices. It’s rather fascinating to see these correlations.

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